The Make Pretend is an indie rock artist based in New York City.

Working in close collaboration with Matt Keating and Greg Wieczorek (Norah Jones, Joseph Arthur, Autumn Defense), FORTUNE FACTORY is an infectious set of tunes driven by an indie spirit and a diverse sound that calls to mind influences such as The Smiths, R.E.M., and Lou Reed.

FORTUNE FACTORY is an amalgam of snapshots in time viewed through a foggy lens crafted by Russian Tea Room trysts and Page Six wisdom. The lead single and opening track, “Sorry I Let You Down,” opens with Verlaine looking into a mirror, lamenting, “I was living on an island half full of dreams / in a future that never came,” but the melancholic beginning builds to a soaring chorus of “down / down / down,” leaving Verlaine with a buoyancy that only comes from an accepted doorstep apology.

From the twisted tale of unrequited love in “Welcome to the Circus” to the slow burning “Standing on the Moon,” the duality of dream chasing persists across the entire album, creating a moody soundscape that invites reflection while demanding a charge toward the future, not unlike the city itself.



Live performance photos by Antun Zvonar
All other photos by Reyner Joelianto
Fortune Factory album cover design by Reyner Joelianto